Story of rice bags

Once upon a time there lived a king who had three son. He wanted one of the son to take as the next king. It was very difficult for him to decide who should become the thing. Therefore he decided to go for a trip and during that trip gave a task to all the three. So that he can decide who can be the next king. He gave one rice bag to all three of them and ask them to keep it well. He told he will come after three years and see what has happened to the rice bag. The first Prince has directed by the king, kept the rice bag in lock and key. The result was the rice turned into ashes. The second prince threw the rice grains in the nearby land. The land was barren and nothing happened. The third prince also did the same thing. But before putting the rice grains into the land he cleaned the land removed all the stones and unwanted things from the soil.He Cleaned the soil and made it relevant for farming. He started growing the rice crop. Whatever he earned he reinvested the same to purchase more farmland and finally purchase almost all the lands in the nearby area and started growing rice. When the king returned he saw third son increasing the rice many many folds. It was easy for him for him to decide who should become the king. Likewise in our life we should ensure that the money which we have should grow and not just be there in the lock and key. If the money which we have is not growing more than the rate of inflation it is actually eroding. We should ensure that the money should work for us and should continue to grow in its own ways that’s the real of well.#yourstruly

Wealth wisdom from Lord Mahavira

Lord Mahavira’s preached on right faith , right knowledge and right conduct to attend liberation. In todays world we can use the same wisdom for managing wealth

Wealth wisdom from right faith

Lord Mahavira preached that right faith for liberation on a spiritual path. Which is samyak darshan. For managing your wealth one need to have right faith in the investment and the goal. Most of the people fail because they do not have faith in what goal they want to achieve. Also the investment they do are not confident. Whether the investment strategy will help them reach the desired destination or not.

Wealth Wisdom from right knowledge

Lord Mahavira preached that on a spiritual path one can attend liberation only with right knowledge. Which is samyak Gyan. For managing your wealth one need to have proper financial knowledge. The second step is to invest correct. In absence of right knowledge the goal may become impossible to achieve.

Wealth Wisdom from right conduct

Lord Mahavira preached that with right conduct only one can attend liberation on a spiritual path. Which is smayak Charitra. For managing your wealth also one need to have right conduct. If the attitude towards money is not pure and not leading to proper use of the money. It will all perish . Even if it comes in short term , but long run it will be gone.

Wealth Wisdom Lesson from the 5 vows on right conduct:

1.Wealth Wisdom lesson from Non Violence-Ahimsa means not harming any living being. In creating wealth also one has to remember that the wealth should not be a result of harming any one. Anything created by violence, will taken away.
2.Wealth wisdom lesson from Truthfulness. Only and only truth is the right thing. For creating wealth also one must never use the untruthful ways. The wealth created with such ways will destroy sooner or later.
3.Wealth wisdom lesson from Non Stealing. Any form of stealing will come back many many times and result in long term losses. In business many time people steal or don’t value piracy . This is wrong . The business done by staling will never result in big gains. The effort done will in some way or other will go to the actual owner of the intellectual property.
4.Wealth wisdom lesson from Chastity( Bhramacharya). The energy produced in body should transmuted for higher purpose. And not used for the lower purpose. One must use the lower energies to enhance creativity and spirituality. The final destination of the wealth should be for higher and wise purpose.
5.Wealth wisdom lesson from Aparigraha. One has to understand the lesson of non possession and non attachment. On the journey of wealth creation it is important to de attach on self from the investment once it done. The purpose of saving the wealth should not be for self but for the legacy. It should be for greater purpose. Retirement planning is not possession but for maintenance. One has to plan for retirement not to own but to manage. This is for living the purpose of life in absence of any financial stress.


You are a master peace

We all are born unique , with specific unique talent. With time this unique talent disappears. Why ? Because it’s unique or different people around us do not accept it. They think it’s unnatural. But they forget to see it’s unique. They see it’s different and force the child or the person who possesses this unique talent to get rid of the same. The uniqueness is forced to drop . This is the irony and people born with a talent just do not recognise it.

Point is hold on to the unique talent . Nurture it and grow it . Who knows this can become a trend or something that world was looking for .

How to become a genius ?

Make a list of 20 activities you do everyday. Identify 10 which you don’t like . Now delegate them to your subordinates . This may take 3-6 months but this is step one to reach your destiny of godliness. Step two is identify 6 activities you think you do best and there is no one else who can do better than why you do. Next step is in 6-12 months delegate these 6 activities in your list to your subordinates . Now you are left with only 4 activities . Next is you have 3 activities which you just cannot delegate because you are best and no one else can do them as good as you do. Plus you love them doing. Now is the time to delegate them also to someone. This may take 12-24 months. But after you do this you are left with only one thing you love to do and you are best at. Continue to do this for 5-10 yrs and you become a genius in that.

Looks so simple to become a genuine. Yes it looks but it is difficult too. People like Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan are beautiful example of just doing one thing and becoming a legend.

Same thing is true in investing also . You create a legacy if you consistently, delicately and consistently keep on just doing one thing – saving for yourself and your goal.

Stay Balanced

It’s very important to stay balanced and not get carried away with the things happening around . Most of the time we carried away with food we eat and impact our Health . Some time we get carried away and get angry to a situation. We react instantly and without considering the consequences. Similarly we also react to equity markets going up and down . It’s not important to take decision in hurry, but waits patiently and with cool mind for any action . Just maintenance of cool at the time of adverse situation is the key . Keep your investment intact . #yourstruly

Quality of rich & happy

Richness and production goes hand in hand . When you produce something ,you fulfil need. When you produce you solve some problem . Then you are paid for the solution . If this continues you continue to generate return

Book profits

Most of the time people make money in one asset class and when the profit is created they again invest the same money in the same asset class. This is one big mistake which most of the people do. The idea of asset allocation and profit booking is that when you earn from one asset class try and invest the same in a different asset class. This means profit booking. If someone is not booking profit when the right time has come the profit will anyway go away. It is very important to book profit. It is said that never marry an equity or one asset class. Keep investing keep doing asset allocation . #yourstruly

Original costs more

When people ask about your service charges, which is usually higher than the normal. It is often assumed that you charge more but the reality is whatever is original, whatever is creative is expensive. When something is a duplicate and not the original one will obviously not make that impact and finally will be sold at a very low value. So my dear friends the messages if people say that you are expensive or your products are expensive, don’t mind if they don’t understand the real value of being original. Original things are not made at random pace . they are not created just every hour. So there is a value when things are created once in a while and it is just created not duplicated , it will have a value. Have patience right time comes and right people will buy it.