2 minutes of impulsiveness

2 minutes Of impulsiveness –

yesterday I happened to visit the Raipur Central Jail at Jail Road Near the Hotel I was staying at . I was amazed to see that there is a canteen outside the door of the Raipur Central Jail and the canteen being run and operated by the quadies (inmates ) of the Jail . While having the delicious bhajiyas and alu bonda, I struck a conversation with the quaidy who was making the Alu bonda . I was little hesitant to ask him if he was a quaidy . He understood and answer – Sir I m undergoing Umar Kaid ( life imprisonment term in this Jail ) . His name is Dharam Pal from Bhelai city .

This is his 16th year of imprisonment . When I asked him the reason of his imprisonment,he replied that his two mins of impulsiveness cost him the rest of his life.He explained that 16yrs back he was drunk and after a normal Conversation with his brother he lost his control over a disputed topic of his Property. Following that he murdered his own brother and is now living a life imprisonment of 20yrs .

To this I realised one simple thing . If a person can control emotions that flare up, we can to a great extent control what happens in our life too.

In case of Dharam Pal, he

became impulsive for 2 mins only . And the result is that for the last 16 years he is at Raipur Jail.

Friends let’s live a life that is led not by impulsiveness but by introspection so that the outcome of all our actions are directed towards the benefit of not just us and our family but also to the society at large.

Have a blessed life🙏