De-Monitization Good or Bad- time will tell but lets see the Graphological Analysis of the new currency in India

Graphological Analysis of the new currency note in India –

1)The new note will mean a lot for India . It means being in present . Excessive thoughts about the past means worry and about future means anxiety.  The best way to remain happy is to be mindfully in the present simply  learning from the past and projecting towards the future.
The new note which has the picture of Gandhi ji in center of the note signifies the same. In Graphology the left side signifies past and right side signifies future . The picture of Gandhi ji in the center means it is all about being in present and being happy . This will attract happiness ,joy and a sense of being centred.
2)Gandhi ji facing the right side  reveals a futuristic approach .As a nation we need to be looking towards the future .
3) The numbers are beautifully expanding towards the right projecting increased growth and dimensions.
4) the new note shows signs of expansion and everlasting growth .
5)There is more alignment, focus and a specific vision is seen for the nation as a whole .
6)pre fix of ₹ sign is there every where before the currency. This completes the identity . As a nation we will have a better identity and lifted image amongst the other nations .
7)The change brings maximum and optimized use .
8) Color change is feminine and shall invite increased prosperity.
9)Image of India and Indians will be enhanced to a great extent .
10)Increased focus ,futuristic approach , more opportunity taking attitude, higher success rate , increased risk appetite , more challenges will be taken and solved as a nation to achieve maximum Growth
11) Values will be given great importance .
12) more clarity and approach will be for the people at ground level
13) clarity in vision and mission clearly depicted from the analysis of the new currency note
14) The projection of ‘Swachh Bharat’ will be seen not just at physical levels but at all the levels.
Watch out for more analysis coming up very soon from Nirvanalife .