Gamification – the way to Financial wellness

Gamification: The way to Financial Wellness

Of the various ways of securing financial health, investing soundly is number one. But while seeing one’s money grow is very pleasurable, the homework that leads to the growth, is not. It is boring number crunching and quickly makes you yawn. The creative right brain goes to sleep and the process is robbed of interest. Often enough this leads to second rate investment decisions or worse.

On the other hand, playing games encourages creativity, keeps the emotional/creative right brain hemisphere active and is pleasurable. Also generally it’s financially unproductive.

The Volatility Game, combines the best of both the worlds. In a most enjoyable gaming environment, it teaches the players to use the dreaded volatility factor of the market to ones’ own advantage and make ones’ portfolio grow faster, sustainably. As the game continually sends new information to the player, the enjoyable atmosphere makes the information sink in in the players’ minds and turn it into new financial knowledge which is retained very well and is forever accessible to the player.

Research firmly indicates that information gathered in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere is better retained and better utilised.


A Rotary Club in India had 28 members, all active people with considerable financial resources at their command. To attract investments, institutions like banks, Mutual Fund houses and insurance companies etc. often asked them for speaking slots at their meetings. The club agreed as they felt that some of these speakers, who were important people themselves, would eventually become members of their clubs.

As a fact rich presentations made little impressions on the Rotarians and little investment ensued. Even the little that did was not actively looked into and pursued.

One day a bright Financial Advisor asked for a slot to play The Volatility Game, an investment oriented computer based team game with the Rotarians and the club agreed.

Throughout the game the audience remained curious and their attention engaged. They saw videos of the life of a common man . They saw the history of the financial markets’ ups and downs, the associated facts and figures, and spell-bounded, watched how it impacted the life of the man in a city .

As the rounds of the game proceeded among the audience absorbed the concepts of the power of compounding, its huge importance in the long term investment process, important financial ratios and their meanings, the concept of investments making for a stronger nation and such diverse ideas.

The 90-minute program was a resounding success and the net outcome was within about three month, almost all the members were invested and active in the investment field. The Financial Advisor had become a Rotarian himself.

This Rotary Club now had a solid program and became the centre for Financial Knowledge dissemination all over the country . With the Financial Literacy as mission the Advisor became the chairman of the Financial Literacy Committee of that Rotary district. The momentum spread over the country and continent.

Gamification is a great way to make ideas, presentations and products interactive and user friendly.

The watchword is: “Play & Grow Rich”, “The best is yet to come.”

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Managing More

Most of us feel that after a certain level we get stuck and it becomes difficult for us to expand in our business . Managing more become difficult and expansion looks just impossible .

The idea is creating a “self driven process “ of whatever either things are automated or delegated or team management is such that the things progress effortlessly.

Research also shows that most of the organisations whether it is in Banking sector or any industry . The founder is not involved in the day to day activity but still the organisation progress every day .

I will share a story of Dr Vikram Shah Founder Of Shalby Hospital chain from Ahmedabad . Recently I had an opportunity to visit his Facility at his hospital at Ahmedabad for my mother’s both knees replacement surgery . Few interesting learning on “managing more “ in less time and with less resources from Dr Vikram Shah .

1) Each and every patient who come from

All across India to him for operation of his or her knees , comes with a preconceived idea that he is getting operated from the “best Doctor “ – Trust Factor is huge

2) Second all the people who have got operated though him have got a good experience and they say good about him . And most of the time a person will say good when he has got operated with someone . ( it’s like before engagement all girls looks ok but after engagement the girl who is fixed is the best in the world for the boy ) Whatever you don’t have ,you have no idea about that any way . 99% Of people who get operated talk in favour of the doctor only – Own ship and it become a prestigious matter to talk about him .

3) The Hospital is not a world class . Nor are the facilities Five star . But the staff is very cooperative and cordial . They keep smiling and the experience of the patient is always good . Each and every nurse , attendant ,staff ,mediclaim department and junior doctors start with smile and end with smile . In all 9 days stay of my mother , she never complained on anything related to this . She was quite happy and satisfied .- Cordial Staff will leave life long experience to client . If staff is not cordial the client will become dissatisfied some or other day .

4) Brand Of Dr Vikram Shah because of this has become very big and he gets multiple cases every day . Some time number of cases per day morning shift ranges between 20-30 . May be even more . The day my mother got operated Dr Vikram Shah operated 16 knees of 11 different people (5 people two knees and 6 people one knee ). All of the 11 patients were taken to operation theatre at 7.30 am and patient with one knee replacement were released at around 9.30- 10am and and patient with both knee replacement were released at 11.30-12noon . All surgeries were successful .

Now the question is how can one person operate so many legs at a time every day . Is that possible humanly . Is it possible in a service oriented work . The answer is yes it is done every day on a regular basis . Let’s see what is done in such cases . Not only for knee , but there are doctors who do the same for heart surgical operation also . Some factors which make this possible are –

1) For each patient there is a separate doctor dedicated .

2) All the per requisite are taken care by the team

3) All Set up in OT is done in such a way that there is no time lag and things move smoothly .

4) Only special role of putting the artificial knee into the patient’s leg is done by the Key Doctor and rest of the procedure is probably take care by the team .

5) All this is done at a super efficient level of perfection

6) For all files of patient it’s Admitting Dr Vikram shah and operating doctor also Dr Vikram Shah . The trust factor is appropriately capitalised and kept intact .

My learning from this episode is that when in a profession like that of doctor things can become so process oriented and can be expanded manifold time . What is the problem in other business . Specially service oriented works .

The problem is people/ entrepreneurs do not create a process . The idea is just to create a process and experience the power of creating a process driven organisation . To become a service provider . Becoming an entrepreneurs is the key . You can only expand if your

1) delegate

2) Franchise other

3) Teach your secrets to others (duplicate yourself )

4) if you are willing to share your portion of income with others .

5) create a process where people working with you are also earning manifold

The growth become huge and can be a win win situation for Service provider , service receiver and all associates who give service along with the key provider .

In case of Dr Vikram Shah it’s he himself , his team and all his patient are satisfied and happy . It’s win win for everyone .

I m into a profession of managing wealth portfolio of my clients . I used to thing how can I scale up . How can I reach out to maximum number of people around me . How can I make it not only national but Global . Dr Vikram Shah has inspired me . I came here for my mother’s knee replacement surgery. I m happy for the surgery for sure . But I m going to my city kolkata with an inspiration to “manage more “ create more process oriented stuff and Just Plan More and keep working . I m sure my wealth management business and Volatility Game Franchise will go places and become a win win for millions of people . Each and every person who come in my contact is Growing exponentially and remains happy .

Back up to become unstoppable

Note – the story in this blog is written by an anonymous writer . I have used the story for a financial twist to help people become financially free .

Motivation stories come to fore in different forms. Some are real and others fictional. The aim is to induce motivation in a reader.

The story below is fictional but has a O’Henry novel type twist.

A business man had incurred a loss of ₹5 Crores and was sitting on a park bench not knowing what to do. An elderly couple were coming for a morning walk. While the lady decided to have an extra round of walk, the old man came and sat next to the business man. Old man asked WHAT WENT WRONG? Business man told he lost ₹5 Crores. Oldman (he was the wealthiest in the town) immediately pulled out his cheque book and wrote a cheque for ₹10 crores. He said put this in business and DO MEET ME IN THIS SAME PLACE AFTER A YEAR. The business man suddenly felt that he had developed wings and started walking towards his home.In his mind the old man’s words WHAT WENT WRONG was ringing continuously. He kept the cheque in the almirah and locked it. He went about asking WHAT WENT WRONG. Got the answers and started implementing the the right actions. The cheque in the almirah was the fall back option and he didn’t want to use it until there was a dire need. Within one year he had a big turn around and was delighted to go back with ₹10 crores cq to meet the old man in the park. He saw only the lady and asked her about the old man. The lady looked bewildered and asked ‘did he give you give any trouble?’ She continued saying that he would ask WHAT WENT WRONG? Then give people outdated cheques if they say that they have lost money. He has been insane in the last few years. The business man was dumbfounded.

Motivation came from the trigger WHAT WENT WRONG?

Financial Twist – When we have planned for a Financial Goal and started the monthly investment. One can be rest assured that this Financial goal will be achieved .

When one know there is a backup or the financial goal is taken care ,he become more proactive , accurate , Better decision maker and achieve better financial success than the normal person who is not contributing to the financial Goal and who don’t have a financial planner appointed .

So conclusion

1) appoint financial planner

2) Make Goal based financial plan and execute it asap

Start investing with a purpose . Ensure all your employees also have started investing with a goal in mind . When your mind is free your efficiency will shoot up . And when you employees have planned their goals and are saving for the same , as an employee you are more relaxed and your organisation’s performance will be unstoppable.