Quality of rich & happy

Richness and production goes hand in hand . When you produce something ,you fulfil need. When you produce you solve some problem . Then you are paid for the solution . If this continues you continue to generate return

Book profits

Most of the time people make money in one asset class and when the profit is created they again invest the same money in the same asset class. This is one big mistake which most of the people do. The idea of asset allocation and profit booking is that when you earn from one asset class try and invest the same in a different asset class. This means profit booking. If someone is not booking profit when the right time has come the profit will anyway go away. It is very important to book profit. It is said that never marry an equity or one asset class. Keep investing keep doing asset allocation . #yourstruly

Original costs more

When people ask about your service charges, which is usually higher than the normal. It is often assumed that you charge more but the reality is whatever is original, whatever is creative is expensive. When something is a duplicate and not the original one will obviously not make that impact and finally will be sold at a very low value. So my dear friends the messages if people say that you are expensive or your products are expensive, don’t mind if they don’t understand the real value of being original. Original things are not made at random pace . they are not created just every hour. So there is a value when things are created once in a while and it is just created not duplicated , it will have a value. Have patience right time comes and right people will buy it.