You are a master peace

We all are born unique , with specific unique talent. With time this unique talent disappears. Why ? Because it’s unique or different people around us do not accept it. They think it’s unnatural. But they forget to see it’s unique. They see it’s different and force the child or the person who possesses this unique talent to get rid of the same. The uniqueness is forced to drop . This is the irony and people born with a talent just do not recognise it.

Point is hold on to the unique talent . Nurture it and grow it . Who knows this can become a trend or something that world was looking for .

How to become a genius ?

Make a list of 20 activities you do everyday. Identify 10 which you don’t like . Now delegate them to your subordinates . This may take 3-6 months but this is step one to reach your destiny of godliness. Step two is identify 6 activities you think you do best and there is no one else who can do better than why you do. Next step is in 6-12 months delegate these 6 activities in your list to your subordinates . Now you are left with only 4 activities . Next is you have 3 activities which you just cannot delegate because you are best and no one else can do them as good as you do. Plus you love them doing. Now is the time to delegate them also to someone. This may take 12-24 months. But after you do this you are left with only one thing you love to do and you are best at. Continue to do this for 5-10 yrs and you become a genius in that.

Looks so simple to become a genuine. Yes it looks but it is difficult too. People like Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan are beautiful example of just doing one thing and becoming a legend.

Same thing is true in investing also . You create a legacy if you consistently, delicately and consistently keep on just doing one thing – saving for yourself and your goal.