Are you living your passion

Are you living your passion !

Most of the time when ask our own self about what is that we are passionate about and what are we doing about the same. Our answer is “nothing as such “. Here is the difference.

On my trip to Dawki lake In Meghalaya I meet three interesting people. The story can inspire many of us to really look for the passion in us and start reworking on the same.

1st Person is a 24 year old software engineer from Ponditury in Tamil Nadu. His name is Selva. He is on a cycle and is travelling to Dawki. He is just moves around on cycle ,put up a tent (as in picture below ). Where ever he visit he writes blogs and. Get paid around Rs 6000/- per blog .Making money is not important for him. He is doing this for last 2months.

Second boy is from Kerela Triture and was a management student . His name is Justin He is travelling north east on a cycle for last 5 months. Also put up a tent at any place where he want to stay for a night. When he need money he work with locals on boats or some help work. He get paid or food this way. He also visit local church to stay and for food some time when he need that . Travel is his passion again and this means a lot to him.

Third person is also very interesting. He is from Pune and is in a car travelling Himalayas and both east as a traveller in car only. His name is Rohit and for last 7months he is travelling and just enjoying his life.

Common connect – Non Of them knew each other . They are meeting each for the first time at the Dawki lake having lunch together .

Meeting them and interacting with them forces to ask few questions to myself.

1) What is my passion ?

2) What am I doing to live it ?

3) Do we have enough money to live the passion ?

4) Are we serious about our passion ?

5) What is the ReBalance in life we have done and what is the allocation we are doing for our passion ?

I leave you open with these questions . Sharing the picture of these passionate young boys from Dawki. Also sharing the picture of the tents and cycles.

Just rework on your passion and give a date to live it