Kanak Jain

Profile of Kanak Kr jain
A young dynamic and much awarded CFP, Kanak is a quintessential trainer.  Kanak can transform ideas into immediate action . He is an Enthusiast , Achiever , Developer , Connector ,Positive thinker and a leader in Team Building . Besides his own immediate field of expertise as the Founder CEO of a very successful SUSKAN. Kanak  is a serious trainer and a consultant to many companies in his role of Event Manager for  training oriented events. Kanak is himself an enchanting and energetic speaker, has conducted many inspirational, motivational as well as skill development and finance oriented training sessions for many reputed organizations and institutions. In his dual role of speaker-trainer as well as a sales coach , Kanak is a much sought after and popular figure in the professional training and coaching arena. Kanak is a Master NLP Practitioner, Arhatic Pranic Healer , Expert Graphologist and a Sales Coach. Kanak is the Mentor to ASK Circle and Mutual Fund Round Table India. Kanak is an Advisor to Rotary Dist 3291 Financial Literacy Committee. He and his wife Sushma has trained over 10,000 people and coached people from finance, engineering , information technology and various other companies. His mission in life is to meet at least one human being everyday and ensure his or her growth by coloring his/her life with coaching , training and financial awareness. Kanak is the creator and the registered owner of the Game called “The volatility Game” for Financial Awareness and Education.
Mr Kanak Jain Shares about energy consciousness in communication and life to a group of Financial advisors
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Ms Sushma Jain speaks on Energy Consciousness in Communication