Inspiration from Business around

Inspiration From Businesses Around : Zara uses a customer centric “make and buy” approach – it produces the more fashionable and riskier items (which need testing and piloting) in Spain, and outsources production of more standard designs with more predictable demand to Morocco, Turkey and Asia to reduce production cost. The more fashionable and riskier items (which are around half of its merchandise) are manufactured at a dozen company-owned factories in Spain (Galicia), northern Portugal and Turkey. Personal Finance – when it comes to buy few large cap stocks or simple product like FD and PPF an investor can buy on his own . But when it comes to select mid cap, small cap, multi cap, relevant Debt fund one should seek advise from an expert . Lesson is – common products can be outsourced but the unique products ( risky products ) which gives maximum returns should be made with an expert advise . This will ensure better return and satisfaction. #yourstruly @volatilitycoach