Transformation Story 3

Transformation Story 3I have written in my book ‘The volatility Game Play &Grow Rich ‘about money being sticky . It get attracted to those who have that magnetic pull . I shared a story of a gentleman named Soham ( name was changed ) whose act surprise me always . Today I will share another story of the same gentleman who surprised me again and will surely inspire you . 

Lot of people who deal in financing business in Kolkata became clueless in one day what to do and what not to do after 8th Nov 2016. Yes everything was in doldrums . The money was about to get stuck in the bank . No clues of money coming back to the people whom the money was lend . The cash position was becoming difficult . And paying in cash was all the more difficult . Like everyone Soham also had lot of cash . Now let me share with you what he did . 

Soham paid everyone who lend him and received from everyone whom he paid as loan . He cleared and squared off almost all loan accounts . That was business . Now he also paid advance fee payment for his children . He paid one year dues to building maintenance . He paid to servants , office staff , drivers , fruit vendor , pan wala , milk man , ration shop and everyone whom he is supposed to pay . Which means for next one year no expenses . 

Now the best . He booked a train ticket to Hyderabad and reach Hyderabad to explore new opportunity . All his friend says that he is reacting too much to the change . He will never travel without a flight , he will only wear branded cloths and cannot live ordinary . 

When I connected with him he says he want to start all again with zero . 

The existing business will have no future because it is mostly cash based . The demonitisation has changed every thing after 8th Nov 2016 . Here is Soham

Who actually was looking for a business through which he can leave as a legacy for his children . 

He explored all possibilities at Hyderabad and now is about to open a showroom of electronics parts to start it all at new city and with new people . 

This is a perfect example why money want to be so sticky . Why it is always with people who challenge the comfort zone . Why even becoming zero at one point will not be a worry for them . I m sure he will attract all the money back . May be many more times . 

This is yet another transformation for all of us to get inspired to move out of our comport zone and take proactive action 

Transformation Story 1

1st Short story on Transformation – by Kanak Jain Demonitization was a shock and nightmare for many and so it was for Somnath ( name changed ) . Som Nath is into Sari Whole sale business in Kolkata . The business as usual was 50-50 , means half in cheques and half in cash with no or very less accounting for the cash part . This system had many disadvantages like – clarity , keeping records , accountability and many more . But one advantage was tax saving . 

Somnath still wanted to change and that urge to make things automatic and systematic was desperate but for years it was not possible . All attempts were result less and lead to no direction. 

After demonitization it was just a decision to make everything automated was taken . There was no way left . And Somnath and his Brother Devnath ( name changed )decided to change . It took only 36 hrs and they changed the whole system . New bill books came into picture , new software came into existence and things became fully automatic . Previous records were also systematised . Now everything is in record and these brothers are fully relaxed . They say if the tax. Payment was Rs 20 lakh last year ,it will be Rs 80 Lakh from this year . But something which they were keen to do for last 4-6 years was done in 36 hrs after 8th November 2016 . 

This is a story of a small scale business entrepreneurs who really transformed ( not changed ) the way they did business . This is an inspiration to all of us . We all can learn from Somnath and Devnath the ability to change and bring transformation . The business is destined to reach new hight and take a new flight . 

Look forward to share another short story on transformation soon …..

Transformation story 2

Transformation story 2 -Kanak JainStory from Tea Garden owners – Mr Anand ( name changed ) is an owner of a Tea Garden in North Bengal . It was running all well . The payment to around 2000 labours in the tea garden every month was done in cash for the work they did . It was never a problem . After 8th Nov , it changed and the December Payment was the most difficult one . Literally there was no cash to pay . Banks were not paying . Wages and salary together were Rs 75 lakh in a single go and withdrawal was not possible to that extend . 

In past this was the way the salary disbursement was done . When it was bonus time ,it was Rs 1.5Cr instead of 75 lakh . It was risky to take that much amount of cash every time to the tea garden and disburse the wages and salary . There was transit insurance taken though (premium for the same was an additional expense , human involvement with the additional involvement of a security force was another requirement ) .This was the situation every month . 

Now each and every labour & employee have a bank account . All the wages and salary is uploaded for payment and payment execution is done by the head office online . All the risk of caring cash is removed . There is now peace of mind for Mr Anand and his team . 

For the labours they have the bank representative who come for 4-5 days every month with his laptop . He takes the online thumb impression and pay the money . The life is normal now . 

This is a true transformation . In future genX will say it is surprising that wages were paid in cash ! As we say how people used to manage things without a mobile before 1996. It was painful and one month back when I meet Mr Anand he was very worried and told how can government keep us deprived of taking our money which we owned . Now Mr Anand is happy , relaxed and about to take next leap in his business . The growth expectation is now beyond imagination . Those who change fast and dynamically in the given circumstances bring in real Transformation . So what r you waiting for ? ( pls share your story of transformation so that it can inspire millions in their life )