Is your retirement kitty enough?

Is Your Retirement Kitty enough?

Today the problem is what ever the earning is it will be less to meet up the expenses. The major reason is Inflation and growing expenses. Other important aspects is growing medical expenses.

Few observation – Only 10% of the retired population is having income from pension or rent. 60% male and 25% of females above 60 are still working . And 60% of the people above 70 yrs of age are dependent ( this is based on source – census India 2011)

The working life is becoming shorter and retired life is increasing. Nuclear Family is growing in trend and has become a reality. Life style inflation is not matching and people have increased the standard of living and expenses. What we need to do is change the outlook towards retirement . Question is  the retirement kitty enough? Look at the image and then think where will the funding come during the retirement age if the person live little long.

Lets take an example of Mr Nishant who have a corpus of Rs 1,00,00,000 now . The expected expenses is Rs 100,000 pm for him and he is expected to live for another 25 yrs. The expenses are expected to grow by 8% pa( assuming) . Expected return on the investment is also expected to be 8% pa( assuming) or this can be less than the inflation . Now the situation is the kitty will get exhausted in 7 yrs which is by 2027. But what will happen for the rest of the 18yrs .

Most of the time we see that the corpus we have created is good enough and will be sufficient for the rest of the life. What we will say is that any amount is less and one has to look at many aspects before planning.

The solution is:

  1. Reduce the expenses as much as possible
  2. Live a healthy life and exersie of atleast 60 mins per day should become a part of life .
  3. Invest in a diverse portfolio
  4. Follow the strategy of Re balancing where you should invest in an asset cass which is cheap and come out of an asset class which is expensive.
  5. Have equity , debt and gold in proper allocation . Asset allocation is the key
  6. Finally have an trusted advisor with you. Paying fee to your advisor is never a bad investment . If your advisor is with you he/ she will ensure best in your and your familys life.


Making a Money Machine

Make A Money Machine

The problem with a job, profession or a small scale business is that, it will generate returns as long as we work on it. The day we devote less time on this job, profession or small business, it suffers.

The best way out of this is to make your money work even when you sleep. Make a money machine, from which money comes out all the time and the machine keeps growing.

There was a small businessman who was in the business of teaching a special techniques of Graphology (the art of analyzing handwriting). Many students who came to learn this art from him were not only from the city where he stayed but also from other cities. As the popularity kept growing the businessman/teacher started visiting various other cities to conduct graphology sessions and programs. After the programs were concluded, he didn’t leave the cities immediately, but stayed back and taught the special techniques to a few people whom he had already identified as likely future Graphologists who would be able to conduct sessions themselves after some further training. Mostly, these were his former pupils. Within a few years the business had expanded and he had created a franchisee of trainers in over 10 cities in India. In all these cities regular programs were organized and conducted. He thus created value for people who became trainers. He created value for students who then conducted sessions themselves. He created a business model where he was earning even without his presence there.

In short, he created a money machine for himself.

Investments: People also can create a money machine by making the money work for itself. Invest in financial instruments and assets which create income by generating returns.

Creating a money machine relieves you from being present at the work place. The machine works for you. It generates income/money even when you sleep, even when you are not present and even when you are not alive.

So create a money machine for yourself.