Initially I was urged by my younger son Hirav to sit and play with colours. He insisted and I accompanied him to sit next to him to do some colours work .

After putting some colour on the paper . I thought of a name to the art work I did.

“Love of a father “. There is so much which goes around every minute and day . Love for a son/ daughter is immortal . Father is the only person who gets happy with the progress of his child . With the progress of one person some one gets jealous . But there is this father who is happy even after the child overtake all that is achieved by a father .


Later I shared the pic in some what’s app gr to see what my friends and relatives think and name it . To my surprise I received loads of names and theme for the art work I did. Some were as follows –

a corona hideout,

RAINBOW — Seven Colours of Life,

circle of life,


Time Pass,

Dream to target bull’s eye,

Ye to koi Chakraviyuh lag raha hai, easy to get in impossible to come out,

yeh to abhinanyu ka chakravyu sa lag raha hei,

This is actually Stay at home,

No way to go out. Virus all around. So stay safe & stay at home till this virus does nt says goodbyeeeeee,

It’s human brain, so many things in it, it’s shows emotion, felling, anger happiness, query etc etc,

Maslow’s theory of motivation,


Its human life…jo itna mess bana diya hai human ne apne karma se ki now he doesn’t hv any way to go out…he is imprisoned,

I have kept myself surrounded by.namokar mantra …..spread colors thru mind and devotion….no virus can impact me and my family…..the dark patches are virus and trying to enter….but until Blue…..greenery all around stopped them,

Chakras of our body,

Chakravyuh where we enter unknowingly but have no idea how to get out of it,

hit at centre to prevent Carona,

Corona chakravyuh me fas gaya😊,

Pehle Lal milega but ant mein GREEN hi milega- Lage Raho,

Focus on your goals. Do not get distracted on your way,



A mix of different colours is what makes it look beautiful.. so the title “Diversification”

Time to arrange of spilled rayta in one’s life in proper order so that all the areas like personal, professional, social pie comes in order and u yourself become in order & properly focused toward your goals,

Focus Matrix,

Achievement Matrix,

Achievement can’t be achieved without Focus as there is lot of distraction arround..

Corona ki colourful aankh👁️

Bulls eye- there might be distractions but focus leads to success.

All these are so thoughtful and has emerged out of nothingness.

I really appreciate that each one of you who wrote something about the painting is creative . Rest who did not write are also creative because they also had thoughts when they saw .

Originally it was “ nothing” And from that nothingness emerged all the thoughts and creativity . This shows how creative we all are and can create so much out of nothingness. The key is to come to a state of nothingness now and the best will be revealed .

#staysafe #stayhappy

Significance of Holi with investments

Holi – Hiranyakashyap the Daitya King was blessed with a son named Praladh who turned out to be Lord Vishnu’s devotee. Hiranyakashyap (demon King ) considered Devas and specially Vishnu his enemy . The demon king tried all means to kill his son . As the story goes the demon kings sister Holika was blessed not to be harmed by fire . So she proposed to sit with Praladh inside the fire so that Praladh is killed and she come out of fire after Praladh is burned . But the reverse happened and Praladh came out alive and Holika died . We celebrate Holika Dahan every year to celebrate victory of Right over wrong.

Second message from the festival of Holi is to do right . As the story goes further praladh continued to worship Lord Vishnu and mentions that every thing and everywhere is Vishnu . Vishnu ( God) will do all right . Hiranyakashyap was given a boon where he can’t be killed by a human being not an animal , he cannot be killed inside the house or even outside the house . He cannot be killed during the day or even during the night . Nor can any ammunition kill him . When the father Hiranyakashyap asked son praladh about the existence of God in the pillar . Praladh agreed . With a punch he crashed the pillar . And came out Lord Narashing ( Vishnu avatar) who was half man and half Lion . He pulled Demon King Hiranyakashap and took him on his lap on a window (which is not inside the house nor outside the house ). Its about sun set time ,so it was nor day nor night . He killed the demon king with his claws . The story signifies the victim right over wrong by doing Right

Third message from the festival of Holi is about Equality for all – When everyone play Holi with colour and get same color face . Everyone looks same. The idea is to look same and equal for all .

Fourth Message is about Relationship of Faith matters. If you trust and have faith in something it will happen . The best example of faith is in the story of Praladh . He had full faith in his Lord after all odds .

Fifth message of the festival is to Love all Playing with colours and sharing sweets with even Unknown is all about love . Songs and the feeling of oneness significance love for all.

Sixth message of the festival is to forgive all . When we play Holi and forcefully put colours on someone . The idea is to shower love and forgive everyone even the enemies .

Seventh reason is Cleansing all . After Holi we clean the house , place and our body . We even give away the old cloths . Significance is unless we clean and create space for new the new will not come.

The eights significance is Togetherness. Stories of Krishna plying Holi Of flowers with everyone signifies togetherness . Any festival means togetherness . But Holi signifies this at a different level.

When it comes to derive learning from the festival of Holi in wealth management . We can connect with all the above points for investments also .

1. Do right by investing for yourself for your golden days – Retirement

2. There will be victory of right over wrong and for a disciplined investor will reach his desired goals.

3. Equality . We should give equal emphasis on all important goals and not ignore some . Second we should have Asset Allocation . Equal importance to all asset class Equity ,Debt , Gold, Property and self ( investing on self is like investing on human asset)

4. If you have faith you will reach the desired goal in life

5. Love all . If the love is high your attitude to save for the loved one will be high.

6. Forgive yourself or any action which proves to be incorrect . There are some decision we make may be wrong . But life should go on and move forward . There is a new possibility for sure .

7. Cleansing – from time to time eliminate the non performing asset and ReBalance the assets allocation . Taking right advice from your Volatility coach is very important for regular review.

8. Last but not the least is togetherness . We all live in a society where we all are dependent on each other . It’s not an island where you are alone . Do only the activity you are best at and rest get it done by an expert . Togetherness will ensure better return and better movement in life .

With lots of colours in life best of the things color your life .


Note – the above pic is not our creation and is taken from Google Serch