Short Cut

Short Cut:

There are two way of learning one is the short cut way and other is the long cut way. The basic difference is in the way of learning and moving forward. The short cut way you just to follow the expert. The other way is long cut way where the person experiences everything on his own and attain the truth and the facts. Both are good but people still follow the long cut way even though its difficult and long.

Long time ago in Sri lanka lived a Buddhist Monk when he got old almost ninety years of age. He announced to all his disciples that he will die tomorrow and asked them to come. All disciples came. Then the monk asked, who want to know the truth and experience the truth for which you all are here. Everyone answered yes. Then the monk told then who is willing to come with me. No one stood up. One monk raised his hand to ask what if he still do not get the truth. The master told it is certain to get the truth but you need to come with me. This hand also went down.

The master died and no one stood with him. In life we all are used to take long cuts and not follow the master . Its good to experience and know the truth and become an expert. But if there is a provision of knowing the things or consulting the matter with an expert , one must take advise . We all are in a habit of taking long cuts in a way and want to do everything on our own. We want to become a doctor, lawyer, designer, entertainer, advisor and expert of a field which we may not be. If every one only concentrate on what they are good at and become dependent on the expert the world will become a better place and every one will have work and best things will be provided to every one.

Its bad to be self depended. Most of us want to become self depended . But the fact is when you become depended, you only do what you are best at and you take service of the people who are good at something else. This way every one I doing their  best and finally every one gets the best. Imagine everyone is making the cloths they will wear or everyone is making the shoes they need to were. The whole productive time will go in making things for self only. The best in you will never come out.

But in order to make the world and business better one must ensure that is depended on some expert for the faster progress.   So appoint an expert and seek help . When the short cut is available one should avail it. Otherwise to get the desired result one may take many years .


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