Wealth through Forgiveness

Is forgiveness Connected with Wealth ?

*खामेमि सव्व जीवा,*
*सव्वे जीवा खमन्तु मे।*
*मित्ति मे सव्व भूएसु,*
*वेरं मज्झं ण केणइ ।।*
I forgive all the living beings of the universe, and may all the living-beings forgive me for my faults.
I do not have any animosity towards anybody, and I have friendship for all living beings.

विगत वर्ष में, मेरे या मेरे परिवार द्वारा जाने-अनजाने में आपके दिल को ठेस पंहुची हो, तो संवत्सरी के महान् क्षमा पर्व पर आप सभी से अन्तः करण से क्षमायाचना करते हैं।

This is the day when each and every person seek for forgiveness. There is a lot of significance in forgiving people . Unable to forgive people, causes bonds to become very very strong and we are unable to release what is actually binding us. In order to become free so that you can receive the abundance of life, one has to get detached first . In order to get the attached to something one has to let go things. In order to let go things one has to forget and forgive each and everything whatever is bothering or not so bothering also . Once someone has forgiven and forgotten the deeds of a person which caused pain to other person. There is the attachment which means one is relieved of the pain which was caused due to non-forgiving attitude. Once you have forgiven someone , then you become free. And when you become free you become receptive to all the abundance and the flow of energy to words yourself . When all this energy is directed to words oneself the prosperity level and the abundance level goes up. Therefore we can conclude that when we forget and forgive we create a passage for abundance and prosperity.
There was a person who gave some money to his friend . Now when this friend needed the money back he asked his friend to return the money . This other friend was unable to return the money ,because he was in a little
Difficult situation . Now this lender friend was cursing and continuously thinking about the friend who borrowed money . He created a strong bond and this bond actually was holding this friend to earn the money which he was supposed to pay . This continued for long . The relationship became worst . The good friends who used to be the best pals were not willing to see each other now . Both of them actually started thinking negative about each other . And the bonds became more stronger .
One day a saint came across this lender friend . After listening to the case of the lender friend and understanding that he was in great trouble because of the money issue created . The Saint suggested the lender friend to release the bond off. Following the instructions of the saint the lender friend forgive the friend who has borrowed money from him . He also suggested that he should Internally forgive that the friend . If money need not come ,it will any way not come . This looked very difficult to the lender friend. But because he respected the Saint , he thought of giving it a try. The very next day he started forgiving internally . As per instructions he closed his eyes and imagine the face of the borrower friend and forgive his borrower friend . After continuing this for sometime the lender friend started feeling light and actually started forgetting that that he was actually forgiving someone. On the other side the borrower friend was also relieved of the tight bonds , he was attached to . He was also relieved of the pain. There was no connection left . As if this helped this borrower friend to concentrate on his work and within few months this friend was able to generate the sum of money which the lender friend actually gave him . He came and return the whole amount which the lender friend lend to his friend.
As we see in this story that the friend who actually Borrowed was able to concentrate and make the earnings , just because the lender friend released the knot . It becomes very important for each one of us to understand and realise that the law of nature looks difficult but actually it is very very simple. If we observe that whenever there is a release and the knots are untied , things becomes easy and result is Free flow of abundance , prosperity and Good health .
Yours Truly
Volatility Coach