Mindset of limited resources

Many of us have a problem of mindset of having a limited resources. In fact we continue to thing that we don’t have money to do business ,invest , get the best in life etc . Most of the thing we do not do is because we do not have resource.

There is a solution of getting rid of this poor mind set . “ Resourcefulness “ Yes it is not the resource which help us to get what we want to get . But it is the resourcefulness which makes the maximum impact . Being resourcefulness means full of enthusiasm ,zeal , positivity and proactive ness . Resource is a noun but resourcefulness is the verb . Look at the verb and not at the noun . Many people want to get God . Which is not possible any way . So it’s better to understand godliness . If we see the godliness we actually get God in us and people around us . Then God is everywhere.

We can give only want we have . We can give money when we have money . We can give food if we have food . We can leave small house when we have Big house . We can only give what we have and cannot what we do not have .

Research shows that people who are not bothered and who do not think much about everything are more happy and more disease free . These are the people who believe in verb and doing something when things are scare .

Once When Dalai Lama was asked a question by a reporter. “How are you able to fit in daily meditation with such a busy schedule?”

The Dalai Lama smiled and replied that on normal days, he meditates for 1 hour in the morning. He then smiled even bigger and said that on extremely busy days, he meditates for 2 hours in the morning.

How delightfully contradictory! At least at first thought.

It’s easy for us to rationalize that we don’t have time for practices like meditation and exercise.

This is like saying we don’t have time to drink water because we’re late for a marathon, or gas in our car because we’re late for a roadtrip.

The busier you get, more careful you should be about your mental and physical health. But we tend to do the opposite. Please avoid that.

It is very clear from the above story that we need to do something which are we are unable to do . Like “ I don’t have money to save “ If I say this I need to make it a point that I need to save more .

Reason – If I continue to say this every time that I have no money to save ,so I don’t start saving and investing . This continue . After Five years also I continue to say the same thing . Now if after five years if I do not want to say the same thing , I should start it now . When it is difficult to something it should be done anyway .

We need to focus on resourcefulness and not our resources . We are full of resourcefulness which is our attitude towards everything around us .



Kanak kr Jain