Since I m preparing and thinking about Mastering communication for Influence for last few days , I realised that the most influential word and act of communication is ” Michhami Dukkadam” which means forgiveness .Yes,seeking forgiveness not only brings the other person closer to you but it also makes you feel light and free. For example, when you continue to pour water in a glass you will observe that after a while it begins to overflow. The reason would be quite easily understood as there is no space for more water in the glass . Thus, in order to be able to pour more water in the glass either we have to empty the glass or have a glass of bigger size.

This is similar to the blowing of air in the balloon . If you blow more it will burst. In order to put more air in the balloon ,we have to take out some air first . 

This activity of taking out is also similar to the activity of realising , let go and detachment. 

In another story we see that there is this crow flying with a piece of flesh in his mouth . The moment he observes more crows are chasing him and he continue to fly with all his might . As soon as the flesh is out of the crows mouth , the crow realises that the other crows were not after him but after the piece of flesh . As soon as it is dropped no one is after his life and he becomes free . 

Forgiveness and letting go is the same . If one wants to be free and really influence people around self , the best way is to seek forgiveness and forgive others . This simple act will influence the other person very positively and also influence the self esteem of the person who is asking forgiveness . The seeker now becomes entitled to receive more love , peace , abundance and wellness from the world . 

Muchhami Dukkadam to each and every being, in all forms and at all levels. May I continue to be able to realise my own divinity and the divinity in others. Become a super master communicator to influence with the maximum use of Michhami Dukkadam . Namaste 🙏