Awareness Story part1

Uber Driver Sanjeev Ranjan from Mumbai says that his second daughter was not planned and family did not want to own her . They Considered her not so lucky , becoz he lost his job at Jonson and Jonson then . He got 42 lakhs from his company and purchased all Nifty stocks in 2008 in his daughters name who was named by him as “Nifty” .

Today he says his Nifty is worth 56 lakhs and probably will be richest when she becomes major . He has allocated three house in name of his three daughters . He invest his money in Liquid funds and short term emergency fund in ultra short term funds . Operates Demat account at Kotak securities .

Lesson – Unlucky can become lucky if right decision is taken

Learning – Awareness of commitment can ensure better future for self and family


Observation – if the Uber Driver SANJEEV Ranjan has employed an advisor – probably the wealth creation would have been faster ,better and healthier. In absence of an advisor he lost 40% of his portfolio after he invested his 42 lakhs . Then it started moving up again .

The Discipline and dedication and person is very high and result is the wealth he has created . But the need of an advisor is there for all of us . It’s better to higher an expert in the field you are focusing . Fee need to be paid but still the growth is better

5 vows of goal based financial planning

How is Five Great Vows Of Lord Mahavira connected with Goal Based financial Planning

At the heart of right conduct for Jains lie the five great vows:

1. Nonviolence (Ahimsa) – not to cause harm to any living beings – if one is investing for his or her goals he is Practicing Non violence because his dreams will not perish and not die

2. Truthfulness (Satya) – to speak the harmless truth only- when someone is truthful to his dreams and goals . He is aware of the truth and working on it will ensure not harming self and near and dear ones

3. Non-stealing (Asteya) – not to take anything not properly given- When small amt is saved every month for goals . Emergency funds is also kept aside ( requirement of a goal based financial plan ) , there is. I need to steel and tell untruth

4. Chastity (Brahmacharya) – not to indulge in sensual pleasure- save 50% of the earnings for Goals . Spend less and stop unnecessary expenses leads to exclusion of sensual pleasure .

5. Non-possession/ Non-attachment (Aparigraha) – complete detachment from people, places, and material things. Once you have planned and kept aside the for your goals getting detached with the results is the key . One has to save for goals as if it is just his or her duty (Karma) . The saving is for a cause like child education, Child marriage , retirement , emergency fund , vacations for parents and family or owning a house . Non possession never signifies not to own it signifies own for a cause / Goal . And non attachment is connected with result . We have no control over result so never fee sorrow or happy about the outcome .

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We need guards in sports and also in life . The coach and teachers in life act like a guard in life .

Did you ever realise what makes a car move in such a speed . The driver can speed the car only and only because of one things in the car and that is “Brake ” yes because the car is created with this unique guard called brake the driver has the ability to drive it fast and in speed . He is rest assured that the car can be stopped anytime .

In investments also a Volatility Coach’s work is similar . He is the one who can ensure that the speed and progress of an investor can be ensured . The best part of all this is the hurdles reduces and are controlled by the Volatility Coach .

One must therefore ensure that he or she equipped with the guards .

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Live your present to the fullest. Invest now and forget.


A dog is man’s best friend. Is that why the dog is happier? No, that is not the case here. The man has a lot of financial stress. His mind revolves around how he could manage his funds for these investments such as his home loan, car loan or travel expenses. This keeps him occupied and unable to enjoy even the leisure moments of his life. Even though he is sitting in a scenic place with his dog, he has his mind elsewhere. Contrary to that the dog is perfectly enjoying his present condition and living his life to the fullest. The precept is if we keep on worrying about our financial conditions without much of a plan; we are bound to end up like this man, troublesome. The story below highlights the point.

In primitive times there once ruled an intelligent king who constantly worried about something or the other. And every now and then, for various reasons, he used to feel helpless and hapless. He often behaved like those ordinary people who for lack of resources could never face a problem in a lively and bold manner. As a consequence of which he never laughed. Even his ministers never saw him laughing. Nor did they ever smile in his presence.

One day, the well wishers of the king, discreetly thought of ways and means to change his attitude towards life. So, they made a plan. Next time, when the king’s court was held; like every other time the king called for his closest minister and said, ‘I’m worried about something.’ Upon hearing this, the minister promptly replied, ‘yes your honour. I know that, and I have been thinking about it.’ On hearing the minister’s reply the king was astounded, ‘even without my telling you, how do you know about my worry?’ He asked.

Minister humbly replied. ‘Your majesty. I’m not interested in learning about your problem, because I already know the solution to your problem.’ King was surprised at this when he said, ‘even without knowing my problem, how do you know the solution?’  Minister replied in a respectful tone. ‘Your majesty, quite possibly you may not have one but many problems, but to all your problems there is only one solution.’

And on hearing this. The king got baffled and hesitantly asked, ‘May I know, what is the solution to my problem?’

The minister replied, ‘your majesty, please don’t worry about the solution, because it is absolutely on the dot and perfect.’ The king tried to guess what the minister had in mind when he said, ‘Well if there is a problem how can I not worry?’

Minister bowed respectfully and asked, ‘your majesty, till date has your worry solved any of your problems? ‘No,’ replied the king. “Well if that is so then why worry?’ Mystery of success doesn’t lie in worries, but removal of worries. And, it is also true that your worries lead you to your grave. The joy of life is in rejoicing and not in worrying. Your majesty, you are so knowledgeable. With your wisdom you lead us. So then why don’t you set up a more vivacious example of yourself in front of us?

The king then realized his stupidity and ignorance. He also realized how in a subtle manner his minister and his well wishers taught him this simple fact of life. He started laughing, and was rather astonished, when everyone else too, started laughing with him.

This is an ancient story. That tells us, worrying is not the solution to our problem. On the contrary it makes us weak and creates barriers on our way to success. To win over your worry means you have already won fifty percent of the battle.

The above mentioned story stresses the importance of living in the present and not continually fretting over how our future is going to be. Same goes for our financial investing as well. If we keep on brooding over things over which perhaps we have no control, like market up and downs we are sure to do nothing else but make our lives miserable. No it is not suggesting that we should leave our investments unprotected or leave our investments without any substantial planning. We should definitely secure our investments through ReBalancing our assets from time to time. And who would be the best person to do it other than your Volatility Coach? Your Volatility Coach knows best on how to secure your assets through perfect ReBalancing and leaves you free to concentrate on your present and enjoy your contemporary life to the fullest.

Most of the time we become a hurdle in our own path of development and growth



The crocodile is foolish, isn’t he? It’s obvious that he is going to be stuck in the next step and maybe he will knock himself out and fall flat on his face. We as viewers can see the obvious but the crocodile cannot. He himself is an obstacle to his own path.  Likewise at times we become hurdles in our own path of success, but we do not realize that. Similar things happen to our investment policies as well. Our faulty policies become paramount hitches and ultimately bar quality returns. The story below illustrates this point further.

Amit was a brilliant student. He studied hard and was positive about topping the board examination from his school. He never took help from any of the teachers who were always eager to help out their students. Rishav on the other hand was a brilliant student as well. He sat consistently with the kind teachers who guided him through the course and highlighted points which he needed to focus on. Both the students prepared hard and took the examination. Few months later the results were declared, Rishav had topped the examination and Amit couldn’t fathom where he had gone wrong.

The secret to Rishav’s success was he had taken help from experienced and adept in their fields which guided him to the bull’s eye.

The essence of the story is success will come in abundance to those who tread in the path of wisdom and not only knowledge.

In the world of investments all of us have some knowledge about how things are, but we often find that despite our best efforts we incessantly keep on stumbling upon hurdles which might or might not be unforeseen. These kinds of situations not only cost us money but also flung us into deep despair, uncertainty and hopelessness about future market investments. Just like to accomplish excellent results one has to follow strategized plans guided by a teacher, similarly market investments should also be followed under the guidance of Financial Advisors. Financial Advisors not only help you prepare and plan your finances but also help you ReBalance your assets to save you from the jaws of market up downs. There are times when we are left on our own to plan finances, we grow afraid and do not take certain steps; which if we had taken in the ripe time would have yielded resplendent growths. Financial Advisors are like our safety nets, they plan everything, and may it be contingencies or creating or growing wealth and perceive what sort of mishaps can actually happen and plan accordingly.

Therefore reach out to the beaming Financial Advisors and smoothen your journey to success and financial freedom.

Never miss an important conference

I had a meeting scheduled with Mr. Philip Godfrey at Southern part of Sydney on a sunny day. Mr. Godfrey has served over 35 committees at MDRT. He is deeply respected among his contemporaries for his achievements and humble nature. Despite being an experienced financial adviser and a very knowledgeable man,  he never misses out any opportunity to attend any MDRT conference or any such conference. This definitely shows his commitment for the organization and towards his clients . He says its is commitment to be present and share and learn for the peer group . Not only for himself and his fellow financial advisers, but majorly for the clients who he serves.

With a warm and energetic smile Mr. Godfrey welcomed me. Over the Coffee he recalled one of his experiences of a conference where the speaker was a 10 years old child affected with autism. The audience beamed at the speaker and shared with him the ideas and vision they had. The entire session was overwhelmingly inspiring and Mr. Godfrey came back home inspired. There was no further mention of it.

Years down the lane he met a client who was a HNI ( High Net Worth Individual ) but could not be interested into entering into any business proposition. He did not have anything in mind other than his son, who was a teenager but autistic. During the meeting Mr. Godfrey noticed that this client had only the well being of his son in mind; neither wealth or anything else could interest him. At the end of the meeting Mr. Godfrey suggested sending him a video to watch, which he said would be very helpful for his son .

Mr. Godfrey sent his client the video of the conference that he had attended  years ago( the one with the speaker as a 10 year old autistic kid). Things changed drastically after that, the client found his mission in his life and felt immense gratitude towards Mr. Philip. He asked his personal assistant  to pay whatever money Mr. Godfrey had asked him for insurance and investment happily.

I returned home feeling content. What I wondered is what should have happened if Mr. Godfrey hadn’t attended the conference in the first place. He definitely would not have been able to win over that client. What we hear or read or experience might not come into use right then, but gathering knowledge comes in handy at most unexpected situations. We should always keep an open mind to knowledge and learning, no one is ever too old or to knowledge and learning more. Specially in business what we learn can help people and subsequently help us to get investments. Fate works in mysterious ways, we never know what is there in store for us in future, keep an open mind and embrace knowledge and experience with open arms and keep in mind to never miss an important conference.

Wealth through Forgiveness

Is forgiveness Connected with Wealth ?

*खामेमि सव्व जीवा,*
*सव्वे जीवा खमन्तु मे।*
*मित्ति मे सव्व भूएसु,*
*वेरं मज्झं ण केणइ ।।*
I forgive all the living beings of the universe, and may all the living-beings forgive me for my faults.
I do not have any animosity towards anybody, and I have friendship for all living beings.

विगत वर्ष में, मेरे या मेरे परिवार द्वारा जाने-अनजाने में आपके दिल को ठेस पंहुची हो, तो संवत्सरी के महान् क्षमा पर्व पर आप सभी से अन्तः करण से क्षमायाचना करते हैं।

This is the day when each and every person seek for forgiveness. There is a lot of significance in forgiving people . Unable to forgive people, causes bonds to become very very strong and we are unable to release what is actually binding us. In order to become free so that you can receive the abundance of life, one has to get detached first . In order to get the attached to something one has to let go things. In order to let go things one has to forget and forgive each and everything whatever is bothering or not so bothering also . Once someone has forgiven and forgotten the deeds of a person which caused pain to other person. There is the attachment which means one is relieved of the pain which was caused due to non-forgiving attitude. Once you have forgiven someone , then you become free. And when you become free you become receptive to all the abundance and the flow of energy to words yourself . When all this energy is directed to words oneself the prosperity level and the abundance level goes up. Therefore we can conclude that when we forget and forgive we create a passage for abundance and prosperity.
There was a person who gave some money to his friend . Now when this friend needed the money back he asked his friend to return the money . This other friend was unable to return the money ,because he was in a little
Difficult situation . Now this lender friend was cursing and continuously thinking about the friend who borrowed money . He created a strong bond and this bond actually was holding this friend to earn the money which he was supposed to pay . This continued for long . The relationship became worst . The good friends who used to be the best pals were not willing to see each other now . Both of them actually started thinking negative about each other . And the bonds became more stronger .
One day a saint came across this lender friend . After listening to the case of the lender friend and understanding that he was in great trouble because of the money issue created . The Saint suggested the lender friend to release the bond off. Following the instructions of the saint the lender friend forgive the friend who has borrowed money from him . He also suggested that he should Internally forgive that the friend . If money need not come ,it will any way not come . This looked very difficult to the lender friend. But because he respected the Saint , he thought of giving it a try. The very next day he started forgiving internally . As per instructions he closed his eyes and imagine the face of the borrower friend and forgive his borrower friend . After continuing this for sometime the lender friend started feeling light and actually started forgetting that that he was actually forgiving someone. On the other side the borrower friend was also relieved of the tight bonds , he was attached to . He was also relieved of the pain. There was no connection left . As if this helped this borrower friend to concentrate on his work and within few months this friend was able to generate the sum of money which the lender friend actually gave him . He came and return the whole amount which the lender friend lend to his friend.
As we see in this story that the friend who actually Borrowed was able to concentrate and make the earnings , just because the lender friend released the knot . It becomes very important for each one of us to understand and realise that the law of nature looks difficult but actually it is very very simple. If we observe that whenever there is a release and the knots are untied , things becomes easy and result is Free flow of abundance , prosperity and Good health .
Yours Truly
Volatility Coach

Mindset of limited resources

Many of us have a problem of mindset of having a limited resources. In fact we continue to thing that we don’t have money to do business ,invest , get the best in life etc . Most of the thing we do not do is because we do not have resource.

There is a solution of getting rid of this poor mind set . “ Resourcefulness “ Yes it is not the resource which help us to get what we want to get . But it is the resourcefulness which makes the maximum impact . Being resourcefulness means full of enthusiasm ,zeal , positivity and proactive ness . Resource is a noun but resourcefulness is the verb . Look at the verb and not at the noun . Many people want to get God . Which is not possible any way . So it’s better to understand godliness . If we see the godliness we actually get God in us and people around us . Then God is everywhere.

We can give only want we have . We can give money when we have money . We can give food if we have food . We can leave small house when we have Big house . We can only give what we have and cannot what we do not have .

Research shows that people who are not bothered and who do not think much about everything are more happy and more disease free . These are the people who believe in verb and doing something when things are scare .

Once When Dalai Lama was asked a question by a reporter. “How are you able to fit in daily meditation with such a busy schedule?”

The Dalai Lama smiled and replied that on normal days, he meditates for 1 hour in the morning. He then smiled even bigger and said that on extremely busy days, he meditates for 2 hours in the morning.

How delightfully contradictory! At least at first thought.

It’s easy for us to rationalize that we don’t have time for practices like meditation and exercise.

This is like saying we don’t have time to drink water because we’re late for a marathon, or gas in our car because we’re late for a roadtrip.

The busier you get, more careful you should be about your mental and physical health. But we tend to do the opposite. Please avoid that.

It is very clear from the above story that we need to do something which are we are unable to do . Like “ I don’t have money to save “ If I say this I need to make it a point that I need to save more .

Reason – If I continue to say this every time that I have no money to save ,so I don’t start saving and investing . This continue . After Five years also I continue to say the same thing . Now if after five years if I do not want to say the same thing , I should start it now . When it is difficult to something it should be done anyway .

We need to focus on resourcefulness and not our resources . We are full of resourcefulness which is our attitude towards everything around us .



Kanak kr Jain