Inspiration from Business around

Inspiration From Businesses Around : Zara uses a customer centric “make and buy” approach – it produces the more fashionable and riskier items (which need testing and piloting) in Spain, and outsources production of more standard designs with more predictable demand to Morocco, Turkey and Asia to reduce production cost. The more fashionable and riskier items (which are around half of its merchandise) are manufactured at a dozen company-owned factories in Spain (Galicia), northern Portugal and Turkey. Personal Finance – when it comes to buy few large cap stocks or simple product like FD and PPF an investor can buy on his own . But when it comes to select mid cap, small cap, multi cap, relevant Debt fund one should seek advise from an expert . Lesson is – common products can be outsourced but the unique products ( risky products ) which gives maximum returns should be made with an expert advise . This will ensure better return and satisfaction. #yourstruly @volatilitycoach

Energy Consciousness in Money Management

It is very important to bless them

With love and good energy from

Whom we expect to get Business return and material benefits .

Not only from whom we expect to get benefit but also from those whom we expect no benefit also .

When blessings are done in proper way and on proper day . Prosperity is deemed to come.

Awareness Story part1

Uber Driver Sanjeev Ranjan from Mumbai says that his second daughter was not planned and family did not want to own her . They Considered her not so lucky , becoz he lost his job at Jonson and Jonson then . He got 42 lakhs from his company and purchased all Nifty stocks in 2008 in his daughters name who was named by him as “Nifty” .

Today he says his Nifty is worth 56 lakhs and probably will be richest when she becomes major . He has allocated three house in name of his three daughters . He invest his money in Liquid funds and short term emergency fund in ultra short term funds . Operates Demat account at Kotak securities .

Lesson – Unlucky can become lucky if right decision is taken

Learning – Awareness of commitment can ensure better future for self and family


Observation – if the Uber Driver SANJEEV Ranjan has employed an advisor – probably the wealth creation would have been faster ,better and healthier. In absence of an advisor he lost 40% of his portfolio after he invested his 42 lakhs . Then it started moving up again .

The Discipline and dedication and person is very high and result is the wealth he has created . But the need of an advisor is there for all of us . It’s better to higher an expert in the field you are focusing . Fee need to be paid but still the growth is better

5 vows of goal based financial planning

How is Five Great Vows Of Lord Mahavira connected with Goal Based financial Planning

At the heart of right conduct for Jains lie the five great vows:

1. Nonviolence (Ahimsa) – not to cause harm to any living beings – if one is investing for his or her goals he is Practicing Non violence because his dreams will not perish and not die

2. Truthfulness (Satya) – to speak the harmless truth only- when someone is truthful to his dreams and goals . He is aware of the truth and working on it will ensure not harming self and near and dear ones

3. Non-stealing (Asteya) – not to take anything not properly given- When small amt is saved every month for goals . Emergency funds is also kept aside ( requirement of a goal based financial plan ) , there is. I need to steel and tell untruth

4. Chastity (Brahmacharya) – not to indulge in sensual pleasure- save 50% of the earnings for Goals . Spend less and stop unnecessary expenses leads to exclusion of sensual pleasure .

5. Non-possession/ Non-attachment (Aparigraha) – complete detachment from people, places, and material things. Once you have planned and kept aside the for your goals getting detached with the results is the key . One has to save for goals as if it is just his or her duty (Karma) . The saving is for a cause like child education, Child marriage , retirement , emergency fund , vacations for parents and family or owning a house . Non possession never signifies not to own it signifies own for a cause / Goal . And non attachment is connected with result . We have no control over result so never fee sorrow or happy about the outcome .

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