*Some thoughts to Ponder on Bhakti ( worship)…*

_When Bhakti enters Food,_

*Food becomes Prasad…*

_When Bhakti enters Hunger,_

*Hunger becomes a Fast…*

_When Bhakti enters Water,_

*Water becomes Amrit…*

_When Bhakti enters Travel,_

*Travel becomes a Pilgrimage…*

_When Bhakti enters Music ,_

*Music becomes Kirtan…*

_When Bhakti enters a House,_

*House becomes a Temple…*

_When Bhakti enters Actions,_

*Actions become Seva…*

_When Bhakti enters Work,_

*Work becomes Karma…*

_When Bhakti enters a Man,_

*Man becomes Human…*

_When Bhakti enters WhatsApp_

*Morning message becomes Wisdom..*

When Bhakti enters Investments- *Investment becomes Dhan Vridhi *

When Bhakti enters Life –

*Life becomes Love ,Light & Power Ki Shakti *


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