Your Investment is your Mirror

Your Investment is your mirror

Long long ago there lived a man named Mulla Nasiruddin. He was very famous for his acts and wisdom .

One day he was walking on the road and saw a mirror on street . That time mirror was not so popular and people were not aware about the invention of mirror .

Now when Nasruddin saw the mirror he was looking at his image . But he thought it was his father . He exclaimed “wow may father had interest in making his picture also “. He was also happy that he got a picture of his father . But he thought he will keep this hidden from his wife . His wife and his father never had good terms . Both of them used to quarrel a lot .

He reached home and kept the mirror (his fathers picture which he thought ) in his cupboard secretly. But nothing remains hidden from the Wife’s !

She was more curious what this Nasiruddin is up to and has hidden . She entered the room just after Nasiruddin left home for work . She was shocked to see the mirror and her own image . But she exclaims – Oh Now I see this Nasiruddin is fallen in trap of this lady witch . Let him come home and then it will be last day of all his mischief.

The moral of story is we will see what we want to see and no one can show us what we don’t want to see.

Our investment is like the “mirror “ . We will see what is real and how we are in mirror . Our investment shows what we are how we discipline ourself and what behaviour we have displayed in our life . If we have not shown discipline the investments will reflect . If we have not allocated to proper asset classes and generated optimum returns . It will be reflected . What ever we are that is reflected . So make your image the way you like that to be .

Keep investing ,keep ReBalancing , seek Expert advise and Live a prosperous happy life

Kanak Kr Jain #yourstruly

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