Awareness Story part1

Uber Driver Sanjeev Ranjan from Mumbai says that his second daughter was not planned and family did not want to own her . They Considered her not so lucky , becoz he lost his job at Jonson and Jonson then . He got 42 lakhs from his company and purchased all Nifty stocks in 2008 in his daughters name who was named by him as “Nifty” .

Today he says his Nifty is worth 56 lakhs and probably will be richest when she becomes major . He has allocated three house in name of his three daughters . He invest his money in Liquid funds and short term emergency fund in ultra short term funds . Operates Demat account at Kotak securities .

Lesson – Unlucky can become lucky if right decision is taken

Learning – Awareness of commitment can ensure better future for self and family


Observation – if the Uber Driver SANJEEV Ranjan has employed an advisor – probably the wealth creation would have been faster ,better and healthier. In absence of an advisor he lost 40% of his portfolio after he invested his 42 lakhs . Then it started moving up again .

The Discipline and dedication and person is very high and result is the wealth he has created . But the need of an advisor is there for all of us . It’s better to higher an expert in the field you are focusing . Fee need to be paid but still the growth is better

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