Most of the time we become a hurdle in our own path of development and growth



The crocodile is foolish, isn’t he? It’s obvious that he is going to be stuck in the next step and maybe he will knock himself out and fall flat on his face. We as viewers can see the obvious but the crocodile cannot. He himself is an obstacle to his own path.  Likewise at times we become hurdles in our own path of success, but we do not realize that. Similar things happen to our investment policies as well. Our faulty policies become paramount hitches and ultimately bar quality returns. The story below illustrates this point further.

Amit was a brilliant student. He studied hard and was positive about topping the board examination from his school. He never took help from any of the teachers who were always eager to help out their students. Rishav on the other hand was a brilliant student as well. He sat consistently with the kind teachers who guided him through the course and highlighted points which he needed to focus on. Both the students prepared hard and took the examination. Few months later the results were declared, Rishav had topped the examination and Amit couldn’t fathom where he had gone wrong.

The secret to Rishav’s success was he had taken help from experienced and adept in their fields which guided him to the bull’s eye.

The essence of the story is success will come in abundance to those who tread in the path of wisdom and not only knowledge.

In the world of investments all of us have some knowledge about how things are, but we often find that despite our best efforts we incessantly keep on stumbling upon hurdles which might or might not be unforeseen. These kinds of situations not only cost us money but also flung us into deep despair, uncertainty and hopelessness about future market investments. Just like to accomplish excellent results one has to follow strategized plans guided by a teacher, similarly market investments should also be followed under the guidance of Financial Advisors. Financial Advisors not only help you prepare and plan your finances but also help you ReBalance your assets to save you from the jaws of market up downs. There are times when we are left on our own to plan finances, we grow afraid and do not take certain steps; which if we had taken in the ripe time would have yielded resplendent growths. Financial Advisors are like our safety nets, they plan everything, and may it be contingencies or creating or growing wealth and perceive what sort of mishaps can actually happen and plan accordingly.

Therefore reach out to the beaming Financial Advisors and smoothen your journey to success and financial freedom.


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